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Jr Apprentice Program

Our Jr Apprentices are at the heart of learning at the ranch. 

We are excited to spend more time growing skills with our apprentices in the coming year, and are offering a new specialized program, for the duration of the year, weekly in summer and in three semesters through the school year, October to December, January to March & April to June. 

Our Jr Apprentices are:

  • Good riders who want to become great riders

  • Communicative and helpful to other riders

  • Interested in learning about & assisting with horse training

  • Available to volunteer

  • Able to complete tasks as assigned, reporting back as appropriate.

  • Proficient at walk, trot, canter, bridling on a variety of mounts

  • Ride twice or more weekly

  • 3 hours minimum weekly volunteering

Skills and Areas of learning:

  • Communication, autonomy & teamwork

  • Horse riding, handling, lunging & turnouts

  • Grooming - bathing, mane pulling, braiding, bridle paths and more

  • Assisting with retraining our rescue horses (may include riding suitable mounts)

  • Tack cleaning & maintenance

  • Basic horse first aid

  • Horse & human anatomy

Jr Apprentice - Core Hours for Homeschoolers during school year:
am-2pm On 2-3 days - choose Tue/Wed/Thurs - includes riding lessons & skills training time, plus volunteer hours - 3hrs minimum.  Flexible end time.

Jr Apprentice Fillies & Colts - 3hrs Wednesdays

Our classes are fully outdoors and non-sectarian.

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