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Sushila Wood is a writer, producer, credentialed Waldorf teacher and homeschooling mother of three. Growing up in a musical and meditative household in Australia, she always felt a strong connection to her inner self. It became her dream to produce audiovisual content about peace and life itself. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in multimedia and marketing then joined a production studio in Westlake Village, CA, traveling and producing the visual content she had dreamed about.

As her children grow she continually seeks to learn how to best support them in their journey of discovery, learning and finding meaning while maintaining the balance to nourish herself and her interests. She currently delights in working on co-authoring a book with a medical doctor and finding strengths she never knew were possible on a personal level, both in the saddle and in supporting children's learning in multifaceted ways. 


Sushila believes the most beautiful approach we can have to the unknown is to be in awe and wonder. This was Albert Einstein’s approach. She delights in meeting the children in their awe and wonder and helping develop their love of learning.

Sushila co-teaches with Lotte and oversees our home school and holiday programs and registrations.

Text or Call Sushila

(805) 410 2854 or Send her an email

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