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If you are here, you are likely a rider returning to us for a new season. All the lessons listed here are for independent riding. Some need approval to join - contact us about that. For good group dynamics in progressing with peers, we can recommend specific lesson times for you. 


We recommend a minimum of 1-2 weekly lessons for a season to see consistent skill development. Our lessons are a lot more than riding. All our riders learn to muck, groom, tack, ride, work as a team, groundwork and more.

Once you graduate beyond being a beginner, we offer a horse lease option so that you can work with your chosen horse for a six month period - this is an invaluable confidence builder for riders progressing! More about leasing.

Lesson options listed below are for weekly lessons. If the season of dates has begun or you are looking for an occasional extra drop in lesson, please contact us.

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