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Heather Ofitserov

Heather Ofitserov grew up loving nature, animals and kids for she was always surrounded by siblings, cousins, mountains, cats, dogs, and horses in a small mountain town in the Bay Area. She graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and from there she gained a deeper insight into the garment industry. She became part of the DIY movement making clothes for herself and for others while at the same time holding classes and sewing workshops teaching kids and adults this valuable skill in hopes to reduce our carbon footprint while at the same time nurturing individuality. 

Heather wanted to raise her kids with more sustainability in health and food. She and her husband homeschooled both their daughters all through school (one is now an adult, the other a teen). They love to garden together and transformed their backyard from grass to a nutrition oasis. 

Heather is currently attending The Waldorf Institute of Southern California, furthering her education of caring for the planet through nurturing hearts of all ages with curative education, biodynamic gardening, and handwork as her main focus. She is elated with the chance to be with the children and all the animals at A Lotte Horses and is growing from the strength it brings being with the horses.

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