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Horse Show

Steps to Showing!


1. To attend a horse show with us, you must first come and watch one. 


2. You must also be an independent rider, including on trails.  You do not need to be cantering.

3. Signup to attend a specific show here

4. Confirm with Lotte that you are ready, and we have a spot for you to attend on a specific show date, with a suitable horse or pony.  Once confirmed, please complete the appropriate entry form and submit directly to the show organizers.  Consult with Lotte regarding which classes to enter.

5. All riders showing are expected to be available the day before to clean and pack gear, and the day of the show to help load, unload and clear out trailers upon return.




(plus expenses, when applicable)

Please read carefully before all shows and events!

Coaching One Day Shows (no trailering)   $75/day

Horse Use for Show: $50

Horse Use if Sharing: $40


Horse Trailering

$75 minimum.

$2 per mile, per horse, assuming the trailer is full. 

If traveling over 100 miles, the rate is $1.85 per mile.  If sharing a horse, this cost is split. 

Additional costs related to shows:



Stall use (usually payable directly to show venue)

See Lotte for details & costs BEFORE any event to confirm costs.

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