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Pony Club

Join our newly formed A Lotte Horses Pony Club!


If horses are your thing, then pony club is for you! Pony Club is for ALL ages of riders and for horses and ponies alike. Learn to care for your horse like a pro. Go to horse shows! You don't have to have your own horse. A Lotte Horses riders may join and use a lesson horse or pony for pony club. 

Membership includes 2 biweekly pony club lessons and a monthly horse management meeting.

ALH Pony Club Monthly Schedule, 3 meets: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 4pm, and 2nd Saturdays at 2pm.

If participating in any PC rallies, pony club lessons are required in addition to your weekly lesson.

National PC Membership

Pony Club membership is comprised of 3 parts: national, regional, and local club. Your national membership ($155 annually) includes access to the ponyclub website and all the curriculum and learning materials, grants, scholarships, and many exciting opportunities.

Regional Membership

Your regional membership ($60 annually) secures your involvement with the region that governs the clubs within a geographical region. Ours is Camino Real Region. There are many activities, clinics, competitions, and camps offered by the region. In order to participate in regional events this is a requirement.

Local Club Membership

Each pony club operates uniquely with their own fees and lesson schedules and membership requirements. A Lotte Horses students that want to be in pony club must be enrolled in weekly lessons as a minimum.


Pony Club specific lessons are a minimum of twice a month. You will see marked progress and confidence as your rider participates in pony club and gets more saddle time. As part of pony club, we will attend regional events, shows, competitions, and fun activities. You will have access to the horse or pony you ride as part of being a member of A Lotte Horses Pony Club Riding Center.


Pony club requires a membership regional ($60), paid yearly. The monthly cost for A Lotte Horses pony club monthly dues are $60 if you have your own horse, and $110 if using school horses. This is non-cancelable, non-refundable, and paid by direct debit. There are no make-ups for missed pony club lessons. If you do not have your own horse and would like to use a horse or pony, you must be enrolled in weekly lessons additionally. 

  • ALH Pony Club Join Fee: $95

  • ALH Monthly Dues: $60 (own horse) or $110 month (school horse) – local club fee, autopay only.

  • Local club unmounted meetings only: $25/month, autopay

  • Regional: $60 year – payable to our local club, we forward payment to the region - required to participate in regional events, rallys etc. 

  • National: $155 year – payable online, annually. Required to participate in PC lessons and rallys. Once registered locally, you will receive a link to register with the national Pony Club organization.  Your membership is activated once this is completed.


What Does Pony Club Entail?

Read the full info here:

Incredible Horse Opportunities

Pony club offers scholarships, grants, and other educational opportunities both in and out of the saddle. Most Olympian and International level riders got their start in pony club.  


Upcoming Pony Club Events!


Unless indicated, all events require local and regional membership to participate.


Camino Real Region Mega Rally – May 4/5th El Sueno, Somis

Three Day Eventing – June 13/15th Shepherd Ranch (PC membership not required to enter)

Three Day Eventing – August 24/25th Shepherd Ranch (PC membership not required to enter)

Showjumping PC Rally – Sept 14/15th El Sueno, Somis


More events to come.


Direct program inquiries to or 805 410 2854

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