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Summer with the Horses

(AGES 5-13)


Everyone rides daily and learns to care for and tack their horse or pony. We connect as a group and explore weekly craft projects led by a Waldorf teacher. 


Cost: $450 per week, early bird discount of $25 off.

Sessions are 3 hours daily, morning or afternoon.

Dates: Weekly from June 14th to August 20th. 

Maximum 15 participants per session.

Weekly craft themes we will explore during our Summer with the Horses program:

Wk 1. [June 14-16] Watercolor & Haiku - find the colors of summer and create haiku poems to launch the season!
Wk 2. [June 21-25] Creating Comics & Baking for Horses - we will build sun ovens & make treats for the horses.
Wk 3. [June 28-July 2] Build the village - craft the elements of village life from natural objects - tiny houses, carriages and more.
Wk 4. [July 12-16] Local Colors - we will use local plants to make dyes and pigments
Wk 5. [July 19-23] Modeling with wax and clay
Wk 6. [July 26-30] Leatherwork
Wk 7. [August 2-6] Weaving, Braiding and Wool Crafts
Wk 8. [August 9-13] Stitching a Story - storytelling with threads
Wk 9. [August 16-20] Eco Printing and Painting

May be subject to change.

Mini Pony Adventures (ages 2-5)


Extra dates added!  August 17&18 and 19&20!


A two day summer experience for younger children, we gather in circle, play games to connect and encourage safety, then work together to care for the ponies. We learn to groom, tack and ride among the orchards and pepper trees, with a lead. This is a parent and child program.

Cost: $150 for 2 days, 9am-11am each day.

Upcoming Dates: August 17&18 and 19&20

Maximum 10 participants per session.

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Jr Counselor Program (ages 9-18)


Our Jr Counselors gain valuable leadership skills as they support beginner riders attending our summer programs. Jr Counselors ride daily at a separate time to other attendees. All Jr Counselors require approval to attend in this role. 

Cost: $275 per week, early bird discount of $25 off.

Choose 9am-1:30pm or 11:30am - 4pm.

4.5 hours daily.

Dates: Weekly from June 14 to August 20th. 

Maximum 6 participants per session.



To support a safe environment for all, we are running two sessions a day with each session limited to 15 participants.

What are we doing at A Lotte Horses to minimize Covid-19 risk?


  • Everyone must wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds upon arrival at the ranch.

  • Pet the animals but remember not to kiss them!

  • Each day we start with circle time where we review elements of safety.

  • We ask everyone to avoid coming to the ranch if you feel at all unwell. This is a time where we are taking big steps to trust each other in making decisions regarding our health and our family's health. This is our highest priority.

What we are not doing at A Lotte Horses:

  • We are not all wearing masks all the time. These inhibit our ability to communicate in the outdoors.

  • We are not enforcing a 6ft distance but will spread out whenever possible and encourage space awareness.