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To enroll for camp, text or call 805 410 2854 or email


To support a safe environment for all, we are running two sessions of camp a day with each session limited to 12 campers. 

What are we doing at A Lotte Horses to minimize Covid-19 risk?


  • Everyone must wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds upon arrival at the ranch.

  • Only one person or an adult and child are permitted in the tack room at a time.

  • Pet the animals but remember not to kiss them!

  • Sanitize rakes, tools and tack between uses.

  • Sanitize bathrooms and communal areas between sessions.


  • Each day we start with circle time where we review elements of safety. We reinforce the physical space we are trying to give each other.

  • Chores are assigned and wherever possible we do not share our tools.

  • We have extra tables for snack and craft times.

  • We spread out whenever possible and use markers to help with space awareness.

  • Children are reminded to give each other space and are engaged and supported by an instructor.

  • We ask everyone to avoid coming to the ranch if you feel at all unwell. This is a time where we are taking big steps to trust each other in making decisions regarding our health and our family's health. This is our highest priority.

What we are not doing at A Lotte Horses:

  • We are not all wearing masks. These inhibit our ability to communicate in the outdoors.

  • We are not enforcing a 6ft distance but will spread out whenever possible and encourage space awareness.

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